Knowing the Way of ministry started for us in 1988 as we completed our theological studies at Northeast Christian College. Our ministry allowed us to communicate the Truth of God’s Word in Kouchibouguac, Bathurst & Miramichi before coming to Mission Point in 2012. We also serve on the Atlantic District Board, as the Administrative Director of NCC and as the Native American Ministry Evangelism representative for Canada. Knowing Full Life in ministry makes us passionate about our calling, about where we live, and about serving people.

Lead Pastor

Brent & Daphne Carter director


Knowing the Way started at different times for my wife and I. After attending Northeast Christian College, we married and began helping Pastor Carter and Pastor Ron Carroll in Miramichi and Big Cove, NB. Joining the endeavors of these churches started us on an even greater path in sharing the Truth. On December 1st, 2014, the Lord moved us to Saint John to assist in the vision God had given Pastor Carter for the Mission Point Church. We are so excited to experience Full Life as God ministers in our church.

Mark & Joleen Robertson director


Knowing the Way is a journey that will take you to places that you would never have imagined. On this journey, God molds His plan together with our plan in perfect harmony. My wife, Brittany, and I pastor the most incredible group of young people. Our passion is to show the Truth to the young people of Saint John so that we can grow together spiritually. MP Youth is a place where you can experience Full Life in a fun and exciting way.

Nick & Brittany Graham director


I've been involved with children’s ministry for the last 27 years and it has been my heart’s desire for as long as I can remember. There is no greater feeling than teaching a child to know the true meaning of God’s word and watching them grow and have a relationship with the one true God. My desire for children's ministry is that every child that comes in contact with us, as teachers, will feel that they are loved, not only by us as teachers but by God and that they learn the way to have their own personal walk with Him.

April Sayeau director


Roger works in the areas of finance and facilities management keeping everything running smoothly.

Roger Leckey director