There are age-appropriate programs for children ages 18 months to 11 years. The weekly Sunday School activities include Bible stories, art projects, Bible memorization, games, and many other events

Jayne Taylor
Jayne Taylor

Sunday School director

Your children will learn about God in the lower level of the building as you enjoy mid-week Adult Bible Study in the Sanctuary.

Kid's Church director

Mission Point Youth is a place where young people can experience Full Life in Christ. If you are between the ages of 12-35, you will want to be a part of this!

Nick & Brittany Graham
Nick & Brittany Graham

Youth director

The mission is to proclaim the whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church. Mission Point participates in doing this by supporting global missionaries through prayer and finance, as well as sending individuals, both young and old, from the local congregation on missions trips around the world.

Global Missions director

Mission Point assists in the planting of new congregations in North America. Through workshops, conferences, online resources, and other training seminars, North American Missions is reaching urban and rural populations and a wide range of groups within the continent.

North American Missions director

Associates In Missions is a program designed to provide missionaries with short-term volunteers in a 2-12 month missions term. Sending individuals through this program is one more way Mission Point is deeply involved in missions worldwide.

Associates in Missions director

From banquets to mother and daughter events there is something for ladies of all ages. You can also enjoy weekly Bible Studies and
designated prayer times

Ladies Ministries director

Weekdays, men come together to pray at the church. There are also a number of scheduled events throughout the year that you can look forward to attend. These involve anything from fishing to Men’s Breakfast.

Men's Ministries director

You are invited to join us for trips and events scheduled multiple times a year which are inclusive to all adults

Adult Ministries director

This program, offered periodically throughout the year, is for those who are new to Mission Point. Whether you have little to no experience with church or whether you come from another church, every church is unique. This is where the journey of knowing the Way begins.

Foundation Ministries director

Married Couples of all ages get together a number of times a year for bonfires, pot-luck suppers, and special evenings.

Marriage Ministries director

If you are a nursing mother, there is a fully furnished nursing room available off the main lobby for your comfort and convenience.

Nursing Infants director

Hospital visitations take place at both the Saint John Regional Hospital and Saint Joseph’s Hospital. Also, there are visitations to the sick or elderly who are unable to attend regularly scheduled services as well as monthly services at various nursing homes in Saint John and Hampton

Pastoral Care director

Mission Point holds weekly services at the Saint John Regional Corrections Center where individuals can discover what it means to know the Way.

Correctional Center director

The Christian Intervention Program is a non-judgmental, faith-based program designed to instruct and encourage participants or family members and friends who want to take an active role in helping someone close to them that struggles with addiction.

C.I.P. director